· about me ·

Hi, again!

As you've probably already learned, my name is Jessica Lowenbach and I am

a graphic designer currently living in the Twin Cities. I grew up in Wisconsin,

and went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where I majored in Communication Arts with a focus on Graphic Design and 2-D Art. I spent many hours in the studio there, which ignited a passion for the arts. I took photography courses, printmaking courses, and design courses, and loved them all.


During my final year at UWGB, I worked in the Student Union as a Graphic Artist. There, I designed brochures, posters and booklets for a variety of campus events and needs. This gave me the opportunity to become more comfortable in

the Adobe Creative Suite, and reinforced my love for design.

After graduating in 2008, I moved to the Twin Cities where I became employed at White House Custom Color, a professional photography lab in Eagan, Minnesota. 

I worked there for five years, and learned the ins and outs of the photographic printing industry. I worked as a Press Book Production Specialist, and helped

to assemble and perfect thousands of press-printed products for customers.


During my time at WHCC, I began to miss the creative aspects of art and

design, and so began to put more focus on my freelance work, under the name Ruby July | Fine Art + Design. I designed (and years later, redesigned) my own branding, and created logos for coworkers and invitations and gifts for friends.

I also created a blog and various social media accounts to create an increasing 

online presence. I still design things as the need arises, but also just for fun!

In 2014, Shutterfly expanded their company locations and opened a new

production facility in Shakopee, Minnesota. I landed a Production Designer position there and was once again happily immersed in the world of design, specializing in the Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas brands. 

As a Production Designer, I honed my eye for layout perfection and quickly refined my Photoshop skills. I corrected thousands of typos and hundreds

of misplaced apostrophes, and removed the red-eye and color casts out

of many photos. I jumped at the opportunity to learn and expand my skill set

in any way possible, and was trained in on a variety of specialized teams, including a QA Team, the Advanced Customizations Team, a local

MSP Design Team, and the site-wide Morale Committee.

Shutterfly underwent a restructuring in 2017, so I changed gears and

began working as a Graphic Designer at National Camera Exchange 

in Golden Valley, Minnesota, where I continue to learn and thrive.


Here at National Camera Exchange, I design everything from in-store

signage and social media graphics to newspaper and digital ads reaching thousands of Twin Cities residents. I've dabbled in HTML coding on the WordPress platform, developed emails through MailChimp, and continue to maintain the company's Facebook page. I love the variety of projects

and many new skills I have gained during my employment so far


In my free time, I enjoy clicking "Yes" to Netflix's "Are you still there?"

after hours of binging the newest seasons of my favorite shows. I've picked

up a love of calligraphy and hand-lettering (check out my Etsy shop!) 

and often practice while jamming out to the latest tunes on Spotify.

I also enjoy spending time relaxing with my family back home, or hanging

out in my apartment with my pets. I spend loads of quality time with my cat, Sprinklemist Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers, forcing her into costumes or

rubbing her belly just to the verge of getting my hand bitten, but (usually) succeeding in avoiding bloodshed. I also have a pretty cool turtle named 

Sir Reginald Gryffindor the Fifth, so I clearly have a knack for naming pets.

(Unless you loathe the Packers and Harry Potter, in which case, forgive me!)

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know a bit more about me; I hope we can work together soon!